Best Aircon service in luzon


How soon can you provide your service?

We provide our services at the soonest possible time which usually takes around or less than 72 hours after your store visit.

Is there a charge for the installation survey?

The initial survey is FREE and encouraged to be availed to ensure a smooth and secured installation.

Do you install on Sundays and Holidays?

Installations / Repairs during Sundays and Holidays are subject to scheduling and approval.

Will the installation service affect the manufacturer’s warranty?

We are accredited and authorized by multiple brand suppliers which assure you of valid warranty.

How long is the warranty for installation and/or repair services?

Our installation services are good for one (1) year, while repair services are valid for three (3) months.

Do you provide installation services for air conditioners from other stores?

Yes. We install appliances bought from other dealers. But since Sentine is an exclusive service provider of Savers, our standard pricing only applies to Savers. Please contact us to learn more.

Do you accommodate multiple installations?

Yes. We have engineering specialists designated to handle special requirements as such. Contact us for more details.

Do you have parts in case my unit breaks down?

Yes. Rest assured that parts shall be made available be it under warranty or out of warranty.